Adeyemi "Mugatu" Kokumo



Adeyemi is generally attired in business wear or street wear and works to create a sense of “comfort” when interacting with others so as to better hear their own stories as he believes that everyone has value.

However, when operating under his nom de guerre “Mugatu”, he presents a more imposing figure, donning armour and a range of off putting contact lenses to better conceal his identity and intimidate others. Sometimes the value another individual possesses is far outweighed by the damage they have done to others.

In periods of down time and solitude, a sense of paranoia begins to creep in, and his mood can shift to hyper awareness of his surroundings, or nervous fussing with clothing and objects. What he seeks in the shadows, or avoids through distractions remains unknown to him. Perhaps a forgotten memory struggles to break free?


As Adeyemi slowly recovered from the accident that claimed his memory, the feeling something from his forgotten past was out to get him plagued his mind. That, and there was something amiss about world, that remained unidentifiable.

His latent paranoia served to amplify his senses, and drove him to examine the city which served as his new home. Finding employment as a journalist of sorts he strove to uncover truths and pick at the seams of the bureaucracy, not for the sake of truth, but because he simply had to know. Ignorance was a weakness that claimed his past. He aimed to shield himself with facts, and occasionally, with favours from those who may one day protect him.

It was not long however, until Adeyemi’s machinations crossed with those of his editor, Lucien Falk. Lucien owed favours to some very dangerous individuals who took great pains to remain anonymous, and keep their plots undiscovered.

Adeyemi’s digging presented a threat to their secrets, and their plans, he began to suspect, threatened the delicate balance the city had strived to maintain. As a means of protection, Adeyemi had gathered a dossier of “uncomfortable truths” regarding some of Lucien’s business practices, that would mean imprisonment should their details ever come to light. Adeyemi used this information to force a stalemate, so that his employment continued, and he retained “editorial freedom”, while Lucien continued to live as a free individual, torn between serving his unseen employers and protecting Adeyemi, lest the documents be released to authorities upon confirmation of his death. Needless to say, theirs was not a happy working relationship.

Adeyemi developed a strong following of readers as he would ask the questions that others would not, and had a modicum of freedom in the stories he was able to publish. He began to work with other “sources” and less reputable individuals in the pursuit of knowledge, which to him had become a type of power, a means of fighting back at the amnesia that claimed all that he was before, and that power made him perhaps too confident of the armour of favours and informants he had created.

An informant, who chose to remain anonymous, supplied Adeyemi with advance warning of an armed incursion into the city, that was being assisted by parties within its walls. Should it come to pass, it was said, the death toll would be high, and during the confusion, various technological treasures would be stolen. Some of which, the city depended upon to support its population.

Adeyemi was able to provide proof of the raid in time for the city to repel it, but was never able to pin the blame upon the people who orchestrated it within the city itself, despite hearsay, and despite the presence of the body of an “enforcer” with suspected ties to a certain city official found beyond the walls.

Life began to grow more comfortable for Adeyemi, and he began a relationship with a musician named Nika Marinette, a punk artist who spoke truth to power, niceties be damned. Some of her attitude began to creep into his stories, and some of his stories began to appear in her songs. Their popularity began to grow and Adeyemi developed an affinity for the guitar, supporting her act on occasion.

Some of the music hit too close to home for the enemies Adeyemi had acquired, and after several altercations and fistfights, those enemies brought the hammer down, hard.

The explosion took out their apartment, a gas leak the authorities said. Nika Marinette perished in the blaze, and Adeyemi was thrown through the window, and onto the ground two stories below. Lucien, caught between the promise of two terrible outcomes, took Adeyemi’s unconscious body to a private medical facility in order to save his life, and prevent the incriminating documents coming to light. Adeyemi woke a month later from the medically induced coma, and was told of the events.

Adeyemi destroyed Lucien’s dossier in an act of good faith, and each refused to work with the other from that point on. In Adeyemi’s mind, Lucien knew where to be to save him, but chose not to warn him ahead of the attempt on his life, and Nika died as a result. While Lucien’s actions sprang from a need to save his own skin, Adeyemi didn’t hold him directly accountable, but wouldn’t repay the favour for him in future.

The truly culpable ones were now in his sights, consequences be damned. Adeyemi cashed in all his favours and disappeared from society, distributing underground bulletins to keep his foes off balance, and searching for the story that would bring them all to their knees.

Adeyemi "Mugatu" Kokumo

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