Consuela Martenez

A fast talking Hispanic techie from the streets.


Generally wears normal clothing in the street style and has striped hair alternating between her natural black and white. She has an affinity to wearing spiked heals and uses her striking good looks that comes from her Hispanic heritage to good advantage.

She does not value anybody (even herself), likely a product of the harsh street life growing up but she does really enjoy having a good time and living the life she has to the fullest.

When she meets new people she really enjoys the experience, believing that people are wonderful and a great opportunity to have a good time and learn new things.


Though Consuela does not truly remember anything before awaking in a car four years ago, she occasionally has tiny insights and flashes of memories from her childhood. She believes she grew up as a street child and survived as best as any street child could. Technology seems to come easily to her, she seems to know what to do by instinct just as much as knowledge and so this is how she has made her life.

Since waking up in the car, she has just had to make do, working where the money was offered and building her knowledge and reputation as she went.

At the age of 16 she had a 6 month long romantic but ultimately tragic love affair with a corporate suit lawyer named Antonio, it ended suddenly when I found out that he betrayed me to get ahead in the corporation he was working for. Now I don’t speak about him but I do hate his guts. during this time she learned how to get business with the corporate world and did small jobs.

By the time she turned 17 she net a a female friend named Fiona while working on a stage show doing pyrotechnics and it was through this and other common interests including finding lost or hidden technology. Fiona is a proud and often aloof pacific islander that still remembers her Maori heritage. On the whole, this was a good year for Consuela as she came into her own as a Tech, working for some gangs to repair some of their gear as well as learning audio, lighting and even how to shoot a gun.

When she turned 18 she met a corporate security man named John Henry, this is a man that she disliked from the moment she met him. John Henry hired me once to find out if his system (that he designed) was secure. I of course found a critical flaw and when I reported it to John’s boss, John almost lost his job and so a true enemy was created. John knows that he can’t strike me directly but will try and trip me up or discredit me in any way he can indirectly.

Not long after I turned 19 , I was imprisoned for 9 months for hacking into a secure system that was important to some corporate or other, this is something I did not do. My enemy John Henry must have set this up, I just know it. I will make sure I get payback and clear my name. It was in prison that I learned a few less than legal skills and so I at least did not waste my incarceration.

Now she is 20 years old, Consuela has fallen in with the touring group supporting Ragnar’s group. She works on the lighting and sound to make spectacular shows to draw in the crowds. She even gets off a bit of a fireworks display for the big finish.

Consuela Martenez

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