CyberPunk 2170

What’s left once the world goes dark?

Explore the world of 2170, where civilization is being rebuilt after a devastating series of wars. With most digital interfaces bricked and information lost, humanity had to look to analog sources to relearn and rebuild. Books were rare already – the few libraries became strongholds instead of relics. The few computer systems still active, with their virtual interfaces and synthetic avatars, are venerated.

A few corporate strongholds still exist, a gleaming reminder of the world that was. Many aspire to be able to afford to reside in one, but most folk spend their lives in the semi-autonomous districts surrounding those. Those unwilling or unable to do so often fall in with the various gangs that lurk in the shadows between zones or risk eking out an existence in the rad zones.

…and then there’s the few with the skill, will or stubbornness to grab fate by the sack and shape the world as they see fit…

CyberPunk 2170

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