CyberPunk 2170

Of Drugs and Busts - Episode 1

and so it begins.

A quick message from <rob> alerted the group to the imminent arrival of Neon Jungle PD. The team quickly sorted the apartment, removing anything untoward from sight. In a moment of panic, <brucey> opted to duck out the fire escape and leg it for the van.

Two detectives presented themselves, Suarez and Neidermeyer. Quickly allaying any fears of wrongdoing, they were looking for help finding Eva Black. A young fan of <band>, she’d been last traced to a gig 48 hours ago and not seen again. She had travelled from Crystal Gardens on public transport, but no account debit or travel pass activity indicated her return.

<heath> used a local device network to connect financial transaction data, security camera footage, and gig camera footage to help track her movements, with help from the detectives. Eva’s last transaction was found to be 9pm, and camera footage had her with two persons of interest after that time. The first was Jimmy John, later determined to be a friend of hers from Crystal Gardens (who returned safely), and also a suspicious looking guy in a studded leather jacket. Further event footage revealed she and he argued, with him being dragged off by two security legends, Billy Bob and Jimbo.

After a rather unorthodox debrief with the pair, it seems a second person if interest was at the gig; similar looking, same clothes, only difference being ‘this fella weren’t headpunched’. With the new lead, the focus again turned to recordings from the evening. A quickly written facial recognition algorithm yielded results, the suspect was caught harassing customers in the background of a BeerCam™ security shot. A cross-check with Suarez revealed his identity as Mikael Kolat, low level member of the Red Dragons, with several outstanding warrants.

Having intimate knowledge of the Red Dragons, Consuela offered up a great deal of intel. The Red Dragons are heavily involved in drugs, extortion, prostitution; recent rumours have them involved in the grim trade of body parting. With a little convincing, Suarez and Neidermeyer retroactively approved a bounty hunter permit for the crew.

Gaining access to Mikael’s police file, his 6 last known residences were checked. One was demolished under the Urban Renewal Program, another two were firebombed by the Purple Lotus Gang.

<luke> called Johnny B for some info on the Red Dragons. At the cost of a dinner date, Johnny mentioned two addresses where the Red Dragons were known to operate out of, as well as a warehouse in a great part of Dockside known as Shitsville.

<james> called Fiona Huhana for a favour, and was able to borrow a recon drone. After nearly making a rookie mistake and munting the hookup to his CyberGoggles, the team suited up and rolled out to Dockside.



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