CyberPunk 2170

Of Drugs and Busts - Episode 2

Cleaning up Shitsville

The group made tracks to the van, where <madam> was waiting. She never did explain why she bolted from the PD…

After a quick recap, since Madam Foxy asked, the van fired up toward Shitsville. A slummy part of Dockside, it was a far cry from Neon Jungle. Many small gangs vie for control against a struggling police force, and the citizenry suffer for it.

Despite this Dockside still runs a productive port operation, mainly used by the corporations from richer zones. Madam Foxy passed on that the goods they run through here are run through here for a reason; not many people outside of Shitsville give a toss about Shitsville, so goods of a questionable nature pass through here easily. Nobody messes with these corporate sites, nor their convoys, with the gangs learning that the hard way.

Traveling deeper into Dockside, Luke noticed a parting in the traffic and pulled to the side, moments later a corp convoy rumbled past, shooting a man and his dog who failed to move out of the way.

Driving through the core part of Shitsville was slow going, but with a little aggressive driving you managed to avoid the crowds and persistent windscreen washers. Some deft drone flying identified a warehouse near the target which was vacant, and a seemingly logical point to begin the recon. A better point was located, however it seemed to be a corporate warehouse with some sort of perimeter defense system, and therefore it was quickly ruled out.

Parking the van in the abandoned warehouse, Madam Foxy noticed a few shipping pallets were arranged in a shelter configuration, and spied an unlikely ally hiding within: Hobo Bob. Initially defensive but overcome by the sheer amount of feminine charm thrown his direction, <hobo> proved to be a wealth of information on the Red Dragons and neighbourhood in general.

Leaving the van in Hobo Bob’s care, the group began to sneak toward the Red Dragon stronghold. A lone guard paced by a loading bay in the distance, and despite some opportunistic begging in <luke> and Consuela’s direction, they were able to approach unnoticed. Giving Consuela a lesson in how professionals do it, <luke> stealth killed the guard with unsettling ease as <mugatu> snuck up behind them.

The final wave of <madam> and <ragnar> arrived at the door, and <luke> gave the secret knock, passed onto them by Hobo Bob. Grabbing the guard, <luke> spun around and Consuela belted him with her gun while Madam Foxy drew her Katana. Fearing getting stabbed, <luke> pushed the goon towards Foxy, who stumbled as Foxy thrust forward, blade upturned. With a harrowing gargle the ganger was stabbed in the throat, his falling motion aiding Foxy’s blade to split his head open like an overripe melon.

With the element of surprise truly gone, the group took up firing positions at the door of the warehouse, with Ragnar ducking in for cover behind a broken forklift. Three gangers shot back from second floor gantries, with Foxy again ending one in grisly fashion. A single untrained shot with a submachine gun blew a hole the size of a golf ball in one guy’s face, his barely connected skull flapping about as he fell. The other two gangers were dropped in less spectacular style. Sensing one was still alive, Foxy ran up to him, shot him in the leg to elicit a scream, and then shot him in the mouth to silence him forever.

A second wave of goons came running out from the offices as the team pushed further into the warehouse. One in particular seemed tougher than the rest, sporting a red mohawk and camo pants in addition to the usual gang leathers. Bellowing madly and firing a large machine gun, he locked onto Consuela and marched ever forward.

One ganger got the drop on Mugatu and shot him in the leg, resulting in a severe wounding. He paid for it, as returned fire claimed his life. A third ganger took a minor hit and collapsed to the gantry, only to be hunted down by Foxy.

The team’s fire turned back to the heavy ganger, who’s survivability indicated some level of cybernetic enhancement. His fire spray soon turned to the concealed area with the kidnapped girls, and sounds of bullets tearing flesh indicated at least 2 were hit. It took concentrated fire to bring him down, and several rounds were pumped into him after he fell for good measure.



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